maytag door locked blinking. How can I open the door of my washing machine during operation?. Three bedrooms, a gym, two locked doors have me circling back towards my room. After a few seconds, the washer will halt and you'll hear the door unlocking. Accidentally hit cancel and now the door is locked. 1b Slow fill, water level never reached resulting in water valve. Lid latch on maytag top loader washer would not release lid lock panel light was blinking continuously. Can't unlock without power-cycling first. To unlock an oven, hold down the Lock button on your control panel for 2 or 3 seconds and wait for the oven to beep to indicate it's unlocked. If the door lock is defective, the washer may stop mid cycle. The door lock light is blinking on my front load Maytag Maxima. Slid the lock back and fourth, wiped again until I didn't see any crud on the circuit. The top three symptoms for MAH2400AWW are "Leaking", "Noisy", and "Will not drain". My maytag front load washer has a blinking door locked and… My Maytag washer will not start. This repair guide and video shows how to replace the oven door lock assembly on Kenmore 790-series, Frigidaire and Electrolux ranges. Washing machines must have some way in which you can lock the door closing mechanism when the machine is started up and then unlock them with a certain delay (normally two minutes) after the current has switched off via the program or on/off switch, in order to ensure that the door cannot be opened while some of. If the lid lock light is flashing. If the components are damaged, replace them. Push the "Clean" button on the range's control panel for the self-cleaning cycle, while continuing to hold in the doorjamb switch. If i plug in, there is a chance of fire. The Maytag line has been around for more than one hundred years with the first washer introduced to the market in 1907. SPINNING BELOW 85RPM TOO LONG DURING SPIN CYCLE. The door of the washing machine cannot be opened. Reconnect power to washer plug in. I have tried unplugging from the mains for a few minutes,but when you plug it back in it starts flashing again. PDF Washing machine door lock light flashing. The MTW6600TQ0 model may stop mid cycle due to faulty water inlet valve. As whirlpool is innovative technology but sometimes technical problems with the whirlpool washer door locked light flashing. The problem may not necessarily be a broken lid lock. Maytag Washer MAH5500BWW Troubleshooting and Repair Help. My maytag maxima steam washer door is locked and will not open. To clear the code, press the pause or cancel button. In an Overflow condition, the Door will remain locked, and the Drain Pump will run constantly, even if PAUSE/CANCEL is pressed twice and the Display is cleared. Disconnecting the power allows the electrical charge to dissipate from the washing machine, which allows it to reset. Something stuck on the drainpipe or filter drain. Your Maytag washer has a Control Lock feature to prevent you from using it when plugged in. If the lock light is blinking, this means that the lock mechanism isn't working. Located on the bottom of the door switch/ Gently pull the tab down about a 1. Unplug the washer or disconnect power. Common problems with Maytag Bravos washers include failure to start, water filling slowly, water leakage, failure of the door or lid to lock and Other problems include stopping at mid cycle, loud noise and failure to drain and spin. My Maytag bravos mct model is MVWX655DW0 and it won't work anymore. 22 cubic foot freezer: Maytag's 22 cubic foot chest freezer is its largest freezer and comes with a 10-year warranty on. Manually Unlocking the Door Lock System Unplug washer or disconnect power. Tricking a Maytag Bravos Washer. It features an interior light and a keypad door lock. Want to know what the choices are for each?. Located on the bottom of the door switch/lock mechanism is a tear shaped tab. My Maytag Washer Won't Work: How to Fix. and removing the bottom front service panel as shown in the first image below. Lid lock light won't turn on or it keeps flashing; A good indication that the lid switch or the lid lock may not be correctly working shows with the lid lock light flashing. The door may immediately unlock. I find it hard to believe that the lock light blinking is related to the oven door lock simply . Blinking "Start" or "Start/Reset" light: This indicates that the dishwasher has been reset and is in the process of turning off. This manual is available in the following languages: English. The line was acquired by Whirlpool in 2006 but remains a top seller. The first tool is the actual pick itself, and the second tool is a wrench to maintain tension on the lock while you're doing the picking. If both or either of them is, then shut them completely. Control won't accept selections or won 't start a new cycle. View a short video about blinking lights:. Reach up along the inside of the front and. The lock mechanism consists of some switches and normally a lock/unlock solenoid or wax motor solenoid. You can test the resistance of the Door Lock Latch with a multimeter. Locate the “Rinse” button on the dishwasher control panel. At the appropriate time, the control will ask the pump to drain and then the load should spin. If the lever does not move freely, you may need to replace the control board. Maytag Customer Service: 553 Benson Road. 1-15-20 - Service Repair here to. Consavvy Standard Ball Door Lock, Door knob Stainless Steel (Entrance - with Key)… 4. Bitte klicken Sie hier, um herauszufinden, ob Ihr Produkt betroffen ist >>>. Wait 10 seconds before completing the next step. How to Clear the Oven Lock Mechanism on a Kenmore Stove. Maytag is a familiar and popular name brand of washers and dryers. Disconnect the washer from the mains grid and inspect the door lock unit for any damage. Why is my lid lock light flashing on Maytag washer? In some circumstances, your new washer may arrive with the door locked. The F-9 further solidifies the latch as the source of the problem. Press and release the button 5 times in quick succession. This can be caused by a malfunctioning UI board or main control board in 80% of cases. Turn the power off at the circuit breaker or fuse box for one minute, then turn the power back on. how to unlock a Maytag washer?. Begin by unplugging the washer, and force open the door. You may also want to consider the Temperature Sensor, part number PS11755214. The control will not accept any input during this time. When the Maytag refrigerator dispenser is locked, children or pets can't inadvertently dispense water or change any of the control board settings. I purchased a Maytag range in September 2021, 33 days later the oven went out!!. If I unplugged it for 60s and waited for the light to turn off before plugging it back in, it would attempt a drain cycle but it sounded slow and wouldn't complete. F1:-C - Upper door switch F1:-D - Lower door switch Resolution - Check door switch, replace if necessary. SPEED ERROR, MOTOR RUNNING TOO FAST,COULD BE OPTIC SENSOR AT FAULT. cannot be opened without first pausing or canceling the cycle. Replace both the lid lock and the control board when the GE washer lid lock reset doens't work. This morning I plugged it back, still E01 F09 and the door lock light is flashing. Then I got a $100 rebate from the energy company. Control Panel going up and down and blinking constantly. W11307244 Washer Lid Lock Switch Door Assembly Replacement Compatible with Whirlpool Maytag Kenmore AP6832601, W10838613, W10682535, W10838613VP, W11253733. To turn on the vacation mode on a Maytag refrigerator, locate the Vacation mode button. maytag dishwasher won’t start lights flashing When the dishwasher stops working, there is never one reason as it depends on a variety of factors. To manually unlock the whirlpool washer door, follow the given steps-. 1-8-20 - Service Repair here and ordered 2 thermostats: 1 for freezer and 1 for refrigerator. Check the drain hose and make sure it is not plugged or inked. With step by step instructions. Unlocking a Stuck Door on a Maytag Whirlpool Alpha Platform Front. You can reset the Maytag dishwasher’s blinking lights by first opening and closing the dishwasher door. During this period you will be able to hear the pump running. Locate the End of the cycle/ the cycle signal and press it for 20 seconds. Had frozen heated/locked light and other blinking lights. Below are a few suggestions on what you need to do. Alternating Red and Green Lights: The deadbolt of the lock is engaged or beyond the acceptable time zone. remove top six screws inside door. Some time later she comes back and there is an "F9" code flashing on the control board. The first suggestion that Maytag makes to fix a blinking lock light is to check the lock striker. Only the Clock, Oven Light, And Kitchen Timer keypads will function with the controls locked. Then started a load of laundry and after a few minutes the washer had a code flashing F8 and then E1. How to get the Lock Location: Updaam, RAK Door outside the RAK Bunker, just outside the lower tunnel that you When I enter the code for Fristad Rock, generator inside Ramblin' Rock Club it blinks yellow and. One is by the power cord and the other is. Is it possible to reset the lid lock on the Maytag washer? Yes, you can reset the lid on the Maytag washer, all you need to do is unplug the washer for around ten minutes, to reset the washer, and clear the flashing light. Door lock error: If the door fails to unlock after seven tries once the washer cycle is complete, you'll get the LO or FL code. The most common cause is water left in machine. Side-by-side Maytag refrigerators often come with a water and ice dispenser mounted in the left door. Located on the bottom of the door switch/lock unit is a tear-drop shaped tab. It would finally unlock on its own after a few minutes. The door should unlock after 60 seconds. Lid Lock Light Flashing: The Lid Lock Light will flash if Lid Lock has not moved into the Lock Position, the Lock Motor can not be powered, or the Lid is not closed completely due to interference. The machine appears to be off, except the flashing "door locked" light, and cannot be turned on. Just for grins, I'd roll down the driver's window, lock the car from the outside, reach in and open the door from the inside handle and see what happens. Other possible causes could be in a device under the tub known as a shifter or shift actuator. Ideally, the only time we want to see blinking lights on the dishwasher display panel is when the dishwasher is notifying us where it is in the cycle. Do not use a wire brush or scouring pad, as they may damage the filter. In case the wiring is in good condition, it is the faulty door/lock switch that needs replacement. JustAnswer Customer from San Antonio, TX: Door lo. How to Fix Washer That Has Lid/Door That Won't Open. Use drain hose form and attach securely to drainpipe or tub. To check the control lock, remove the top panel the door from the front of the washer. F9:-1 – Latch lock upper F9:-2 – Latch, unlock upper F9:-3 – Latch both upper F9:-4 – Latch, lock lower F9:-5 – Latch unlock lower F9:-6 – Latch, both lower Resolution – Check for an obstruction in the door lock mechanism. Maytag Corporation boasts a long history. Answer: I can only really take a guess at the model because all you provided…is a name, NOT a model. Create an account in the Owners Center to quickly access material for your registered appliances. Door Locked Door Locked will light to indicate that the door is locked and. Did a load of laundry and the washer stopped at the spin cycle. In this scintillating safari into front load washer wasteland, Samurai Appliance Repair Man shows you how to manually unlock the door on a . It should be on the tag that bears the serial number, also called the serial tag. Guide for all Door Codes, Keypads, Locks, and Safe Combinations in Deathloop. We have use and care manuals for Maytag model MVWC565FW1 and our expert installation videos for Maytag model MVWC565FW1 below will help make your repair very easy. Steps to Fix GE Washer Door Locked Won't Open. Replace the door/lock switch if defective. Push the Start/Stop button to unlock the washer door during the spin cycle. In our lab tests, Freezers models like the MZF34X20DW are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed. Locate the lock button, which may be labeled To Lock, on the control panel. Refer to your Owner's Manual to determine . Door locked at end of wash cycle: Water remaining in washer after cycle. posted by Kriesa at 9:29 AM on July 12, 2017 [2 favorites] I have a Bosch, it does this fairly frequently. The washer will not start if the selector is not placed on a cycle selection. The refrigerator does not defrost so much when in this mode, and it may help save some energy. The door remains locked during this time. Inspect oven temperature sensor, recommended to replace if needed. The Maytag Bravos MTW6700TQo washer overflows with water when the power to the washer is shut off. Читать книгу The Handler : A Dark Russian Mafia Romance. It can also happen if the door hasn’t closed so the dishwasher is unable to start. EveryDrop Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter 1, two port filter, reduces 24 contaminants, including lead, asbestos, and industrial chemicals. (For your safety, the washer will not tumble or spin unless the door is closed and locked. If this occurs when the cycle just starts, you must remember the door will not lock for about 10 seconds after the cycle starts. This light will blink for 75 to 90 seconds, depending on the model. A tone will sound, and "Loc" will be displayed. Maytag Washing Machine Review / Rating. "lock" Flashing - The Door Latch Switch Is Malfunctioning DIY Range Stove Oven Repair - find the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. Secondly locks but, maytag direct door locked light will go into the control board and hold times may be more expensive fixes than we start at the Playing doctor on a direct door locked flashing lights keep blinking on the open the washer from santa this site is open the release. Fault code: Suspect area: F0 - 0: None: F1 - 1: Runaway cook upper oven: F1 - 2: Runaway cook lower oven: F1 - 3: Runaway clean upper oven: F1 - 4: Runaway clean lower oven: F1 - 5: Keypad cancel upper: F1 - 6: Keypad cancel lower: F1 - 7: Keypad. Whirlpool Top Loader With Locked Door. Unplug the washer or disconnect power for one minute. The clutch assembly is mounted on the drive shaft on the bottom of your washer. Then the lid locked light just flashes. The Frigidaire self-cleaning oven has a lock to prevent the door from being opened during the cleaning cycle. The first suggestion that Maytag makes to fix a blinking lock light is to check . The lock is apparently tested by locking and then unlocking, and then locking again when you start a wash on Maytag (and possible. Unplug the washer and check the door lock assembly for damage or a loose wiring connection. I have a Maytag centennial MVWC450XW4 washer. Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Stops At Start Of Spin – Lid Lock Light Flashing. The company manufactured washers starting from its very first years (actually its original name was Maytag Washing Machine Company, and it was changed to Maytag, Inc. If food particles don't rinse off easily, soak the filter in warm water for a few minutes. igloohome products work with a mobile app, so access can be granted from anywhere, at any time. Consult your Owner's Manual for directions specific to your model. something broke inside the lock assembly. Important: If you use Amazon a lot, you can enjoy FREE same-day delivery as well as FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items for 30 days with an Amazon Prime free trial. Re: Maytag PGR5710BDQ Gas Range, Flashing lock light when bake or broil is pressed. Maytag Washer Sensing Light on Lid Lock Flashing: Causes/How to Fix If the sensor on your Maytag's lid lock light is continuously flashing, the cause of this issue is usually any problem the washer is experiencing. remove inside cover that is over control board by unlatching four tabs indicated by arrows on cover. Door flashing #0,1,2,3: Latch switch broken: Replace: lock flashing Check wiring and test operation of door lock switch: DOOR: Bake or Broil ·Defective latch switch the most common being a failed ERC(EOC, Clock assembly)or a faulty touchpad. MOTOR NOT SLOWING DOWN AFTER 120SEC'S OF COASTING AFTER REACHING 300RPM. I tried removing the drain pipe and cleaning it. We've put together a list of symptoms for Maytag Refrigerator model MFI2569VEW1 below. Press and hold the Door Alarm Keypad DoorAlarm. If the reset fails, unplug the washer again, this time leaving it unplugged for ten minutes. We give you some quick solutions to fix this issue. The lid keeps locking on the washer. why is my maytag washer flashing F06? | Shop Your Way Page 25/27. To disable this feature, turn. MVWC565FW0 Maytag Washer - Overview Sections Parts Questions & Answers Symptoms Videos Instructions. I unplugged the machine to stop the warning noise and went to bed. One common problem with the Maytag washer is that it won't drain. Your Maytag dishwasher start light may be blinking and this usually happens when the door has been opened mid-cycle. Press the button and hold it for about three seconds; the display will countdown from three to one and the locked padlock will unlock. Press the power button, and the washer will start a drain routine which takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes, during which time the pump will run continuously. Continuous blinking lights on the display panel is another story. Regarding this, why is my lid lock light flashing on Maytag washer? Lid Lock Light Flashing : The Lid Lock Light will flash if Lid Lock has not moved into the Lock Position, the Lock Motor can not be powered, or the Lid is not closed completely. Its possibly a bad door lock switch assembly: WPW10443885 Latch. I have the Maytag Bravos XL MVWB853DW0 model. Maytag Dishwasher Troubleshooting and Error Codes. Have a small load of clothes inside. Bravos Washer Maytag Light Spin Flashing. Gently pull the tab down about 1/4 inch or until a click is heard. My Maytag series 2000 front loader washer made a loud bang the other night and the machine was unplugged but the door remained locked. To unlock the door, cancel the Fresh Hold® option by touching POWER/CANCEL. You also can use the same basic repair procedure to replace the oven door lock assembly on some Whirlpool. The flickering of the lock light is caused by the following reasons: · If the lid lock does not shift into the locked spot, the lid lock light flashes. If the washer has an F8 E1 error or LO FL error, the door will be locked, and the control will be unresponsive. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power. 6 new Maytag Cl Code On Washer results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 16, a new Maytag Cl Code On Washer result is figured out. compressor not starting or cooling fridge". The door catch, handle, or some part of the door catch mechanism is broken and not opening the door. The top three symptoms for MFI2569VEW1 are "Leaking", "Won't start", and "Fridge too warm". Lift the top panel of the washer to access the lid lock/switch assembly. Unlocking a Front Load Washer Door When it is Locked at Install - Product Help | Whirlpool. Engaging this feature will prevent the dishwasher from being started prematurely and it also keeps the door locked while the dishwasher is running through all of the cycles. With multi-system support and simple setup, you can easily control multiple Blink cameras within one single app! The Blink Home Monitor app will alert you to what matters, day or night. We have Maytag dishwasher model MDB7600AWS that is about 5 yrs old. 🔴 Maytag Washer lid lock Light Blinking 🔴 QUICK AND EASY APPLIANCE DIY REPAIR VIDEOS – SAVE BIG $$$ BY FIXING IT YOURSELF If the video was helpful, remem. This will unlock the washer door. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Maytag MVWB835DW4. The door should unlock after this is complete. Washer Control Lock Engaged · 3. Nothing else will appear to be happening with the machine during this time. In this Arduino based Solenoid door lock project we use a real Solenoid Door Lock and control it with RFID and Arduino. Sometimes, Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer door locked problem is caused by tits control panel button which has been pushed. Unplug machine, wait a few seconds. Press and release the adjacent “Drain/Off” button on the control panel 2 times. Find solutions to your door locked light blinking maytag maxima question. Maytag front load washer door glass with brackets W10208263. Carefully remove connector P1 It is on left and is a multi-conductor ribbon cable. But if the user entered the wrong password three consecutive times, the system will shut down and will start blinking the RGD lights, which I have used as an indication. Washer lid lock Problems: The lid latch has been a sore spot on this washer type. I can power it back on, but cannot select a cycle and the door lock light keeps. You will need to check the door lock assembly, the belt, the drive pulley, the drive hub kit and the motor. Why is my lid lock light flashing on Maytag. Lid locked light keeps blinking and does not allow me to start washing machine. CLICK HERE for more information regarding the lid locking Did you receive an "LF" or "F8E1" Error Code, or is the Spin or Wash light blinking?. Blinking Green Light: The door is not locked, and users can enter the room without inserting the card. I pulled the switch out, opened, (leaving all wiring intact) wiped the circuit with a alcohol wipe. whirlpool washer door locked light flashing, 5. When you have done this procedure light is not blinking and . So when I unplugged and plugged in a second time only the door locked indicator and the the sound of the drain pump. NOTE: The door can be manually unlocked by: Unplug washer. · The door lock LED light will blink. Two large white statues of a lion are placed on either side of the entry. CLICK HERE for more information on how to unlock your washer door when locked at the time of installation Verify that there is nothing blocking the door and the lock mechanism. My Maytag washer (Model: MVWC565FW0) is about 6 months old, and for about the last month or so we have been having issues with this light flashing. Maytag Washer lid lock Light Blinking Scottthefixitguy. While the switch is depressed, the latch motor will. Two storage rooms, two more locked doors, and a master bathroom that I do step into. My Maytag washer (Model: MVWC565FW0) is about 6 months old, After this some other lights should start blinking but my washer does . 000 Rust door lock codes people can use and this can be your start to greatness. The Maytag Centennial washer's tub is suspended on 4 suspension rods located on the outer corners of the washer's tub. If something is in the way of the striker or if the striker is misshapen, this will cause an error with the whole locking mechanism. Maytag Door Washing Machine & Dryer Parts for sale. Washer Top Glass Lid for Maytag MVWB835DW4 Washing Machine. I can't get the washer to power on for another cycle. com/ythiJustAnswer Customer from San Antonio, TX: Maytag 9000 front load washer. Make sure that the lid is not obstructing from closing completely. The oven door can become locked before and after the cleaning cycle. Reach up along the inside of the front and locate the bottom of the door switch/lock unit. Most often washer lid latch problems result in the washer not starting or a fault code such as F5E1, F5E2, or F5E3. After 8 minutes the door will unlock. Secure locks for the entry doors to your property are vital, of course, and these include the latest option of smart locks as well as more traditional locks for Doors to the exterior need different types of door locks from the doors in the interior of your home. How To Reset Maytag Dishwasher Cycle We've all been there. Possible Causes and Action: The door lock mechanism is broken. To view last 4 fault codes: Turn cycle selector knob clockwise to view fault codes in the order of most recent to oldest. then with the washer unplugged reach down and pull a small ring on the top of the door lock to manually open the door lock. Step 2: Remove the two screws holding the top cover on. If this doesn't work, unplug it from the electrical outlet and wait a few minutes. Now is a good time to ask this question that why Basic Troubleshooting Practices for HP Caps Lock Blinking: Check CPU or motherboard: these are the main and vital parts of your computer and if the. Maytag Washer door or lid won't lock. If the door is locked open, hold the light switch, program the oven's self-cleaning cycle, wait several. 000 Rust Door Lock Codes List — Updated 2022. Lint Screen - MED4200BW0 Maytag Dryer , Visit us at http://www. Is the door of your washing machine not opening? Let Ariel help you with this common problem. Maytag 9000 front load washer. When the control lock is active, a beep sounds when a keypad or dispenser is pressed. You can manually unlock the washer by removing the top (remove screws on the back of the top panel and slide the top panel back to lift off. These 4 things should unlock your washers door. Now I can't do it and the "tongue" piece. To unlock the lid press the "2nd Rinse" or "Extra Rinse" button a second time, the door lock light will turn off. Check out a few common problems and tips to solve them. Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the "Lid or door will not open" problem for Maytag PAV2300AWW. One thought on "How To Reverse The Door Swing on a Maytag Dryer". We've put together tips on where to shop, what to look for, and how to spot a great deal. The lid lock it to prevent injury to the people near the washer, as without it stopping the machine, the agitator will turn with the lid open. If you discover that you need a new filter altogether, browse Maytag brand's. W10861642 Replacement Washer Door Latch/Lid Lock Assembly for Whirlpool maytag washer parts W10787836, W10637463 AP5999414, PS11731620, W10697793, W10787880 4. If your whirlpool top loader machine has a locked door and begins to hum and stop after a few seconds with the lid lock still blinking, . Hello Ramona, thank you for your question. The lock striker is the piece on the main washing drum that fits into a slot on the washing machine lid. Door lid is not closed completely due to interference. Options Brand: Whirlpool: Age: 5 - 10 years: Previous. When the lock light is blinking, it typically means that the unit either took to long to fill with water (in which case it'll go into flood mode and keep draining for 15-20 minutes and unlock on it's own), or there is a glitch in the electronics and just unplugging it for 60 seconds will reset the issue. It signifies that your washer door is not locked properly. Motor Tests: Note: Water should be covering the wash plate or agitator vanes to allow the inner basket to float and disengage from the basket hub for all motor tests. My hp laptop has failed to start and the caps lock blinks continuously. The status LEDs will flash ON and OFF and "cl" is displayed on the 7-segment (if display exists). It appears that the problem is mechanical, i. The washer may fail to drain when the pump or hose is clogged or when the drain pump is worn out. Best Buy provides online shopping in a number of countries and languages. Gently pull the tab down about a 1/4-inch or until a click is heard. To check if that may be the case, follow the steps below. Washer door unlock fix: Cancel the wash cycle, wait for it to drain the water and the door should unlock, OR pull the green string near the detergent area, OR pull the lever on the bottom of the door switch, OR unplug the washer for 5 minutes to reset. Located on the bottom of the door switch/ Gently pull the tab down about a 1/4˝ or. Maytag Dishwasher Troubleshooting. Door Locked When the status light illuminates, the door is operating. The Lid Lock Light will flash if Lid Lock has not moved into the Lock Position, the Lock Motor can not be powered, or the Lid is not closed . With the locking function inserted the door opening is possible only when the push buttons are pressed, otherwise the doors are closed immediately Safety electric locks to control the relevant passage in a completely electrical or mechanical way. Carefully reach up along the inside of the front panel and pull down on the tab that is under the door lock mechanism until it clicks. Open lid lock switch with motor running. My 4-year-old 3-door Maytag refrigerator experienced same problems as other customers: Blinking lights, groaning sounds, off for two days, on for a couple of hours, off again. You can take the screwdriver and put it into the hole of the switch actuator down. Maytag Front Load washer door locked at install · The door may immediately unlock. With the machine unplugged, you can disconnect the wires to the lid switch and attach. Still need help? Contact us or schedule service. F9:-3 Latch Both Upper Inspect for obstruction in door lock mechanism. The door lock secures the washer door shut during operation. Questions & Answers for: door locked light blinking maytag.