my facebook account password. So, visit the Facebook page of your lost account, and click on the 3 dots next to the "Message" option and then click on "Report". So what happens when you deactivate Messenger? If you deactivate your Facebook Messenger, your profile won't appear in its search results. Either a phone number, email or name. To find out whether your account is in review with Facebook, login to your Facebook profile and go to the page settings for the affected account, then to your Instagram settings - in the left-hand menu of your Facebook page settings. These forms allow you to contact Facebook directly to restore your account. How to Hack Someone's Facebook: 10 Ways that Work 100%. Recover A Facebook Account With Trusted Contacts In case all of the strategies we’ve mentioned above have failed, your next step is to try to recover your Facebook account using Trusted Contacts. After you've tapped on "Passwords", you need to enter your passcode or use Touch ID to view them. " Facebook notes it takes a few days to complete deletion after you request it, and if you log back into Facebook during that time, you'll cancel the deletion request. Let us now see how to hack Facebook password without software. If you suspect someone is using your Facebook account, you need to log them out, change the password and secure your account. This will prevent your account from getting hacked. After opening the Facebook app on your phone, tap on the overflow button found on the far right of the navigation bar. Several online services tell you they can hack someone's Facebook account without the password. Enter your current password and then your new password twice. How to turn on two-factor authentication on Facebook. Is it possible to recover your password using your phone number? · To recover your account, visit the Facebook login page then click on "Forgotten Account". My only option is either my email address or clicking "I no longer have access to those. This is because Facebook does not allow it, as it . In Facebook account settings window, click Security and Login in the left column. But before you do, consider downloading a copy of the. Check your email which you used to configure your account, and find the message sent by Facebook support team. · Click on Forgot account? facebook one · Select a method for resetting your password: Google account, backup email . Enter your email address and password. Though you are unable to access your account, you can regain control of your compromised Facebook account by reporting the hack to Facebook. Finally, on the Choose a new password screen, enter a new password to be used to access your Facebook account, and click the Continue button to recover your stolen Facebook. Coworkers can only see your name, work email address and the Pages and ad accounts you have access to. Deleting your Facebook account How to delete your Facebook account from a browser. If you forget your Facebook password, don't worry. I've forgotten my Portal passcode. If you change your mind, log in to Facebook within 30 days and confirm that you want to cancel the account deletion. 3 Ways to Get Someone's Facebook Password. To my surprise I logged in with no problem after changing my email from [email protected] Hi, My Facebook account was hacked. Facebook definitely allows you to easily communicate with others, but if you're not careful, certain information you would like to remain private can be exposed. i guess my whole account was hacked because i had to recover my email and facebook password. Facebook may ask you to confirm your phone number and then ask for a. Now, here is how to beat Facebook in their own game and hack into the account you want. Well, that and a revenue stream. Activate two-factor authentication; Two-factor authentication is an important part of Facebook account security, and especially the security of your Business Manager account. Step 2: Login to your Spyier control panel. How to change your Facebook password on a computer. It also lets you display your Facebook name and picture in the app, and easily find your friends on Spotify. To set up a trusted friends list for your Facebook account, go to your Account Settings - > Security - > Trusted Friends and pick any 3-5 close friends. Log in to your Facebook account right away. In my example, it showed up in email. Part 5: Hack FB Account for Free No Survey using Forgot Password Method. Mon, Apr 18, 2022 LOGIN Subscribe for $1. Scroll down and tap on “Google”. " So, I just want to know what is going on, and how to I regain. If you can't access your email account, you can still recover your password using SMS text messages as long as you've associated your phone number with your Facebook account. When I logged out of my account my email and password were autocompleted by my browser. If you think your account was hacked or taken over by someone else, we can help you secure it. Just find yours and click This is my account. Copy the code from the email sent to your email address and click continue. Facebook has a default account recovery option that allows you to recover your lost account. We will not help you bypass any passwords, lock codes, pin numbers, swipe patterns, or any other kind of account/ownership verification on your . Open the Facebook main page and sign in, using the email address or phone number you specified when registering this account. Type the email, mobile phone number, full name or username Other Useful. Answer (1 of 2): To reset your password if you're not logged in to Facebook: Tap Need Help?at the bottom of the login screen > Forgot Password?. I asked my friend and family to report my account as hacked and I shouldn't have much private info on my Facebook anyways. If you have a Facebook account or an Instagram account, you must secure your account and ensure hackers cannot steal it. From the displayed window choose the Two-factor authentication section and click on the Edit button. Click Recover this account and follow the instructions to conduct your Facebook account recovery. Read - Call of Duty Mobile characters: Here's why they are so popular. To reset your password, do the following: Start the Facebook app. How to reset a Facebook password · Attempt to log into your Facebook account using your e-mail address or phone number. If you don't have access to your associated email address or phone. Part 5: Method to Hack Facebook Password using the Sam Hacker. We appreciate your patience, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. First, Facebook will verify the email address (es) associated with your account: Make sure to check the email address (es) that are correct and to which you have access. When you set up your Facebook account for the first time, you have to answer some key security questions. Otherwise, go to the Facebook Find Your Account page and enter your information. Enter the email or phone number you used to log into your Facebook account and click Search to search for your account. You will get an on-screen notification that your Portal will factory reset in 10 seconds. I tried to recover my account but all my information was changed. Method 5) Reset your Facebook Password If you're not logged in to Facebook, you may reset your password by going to: To find your account, go to the Find Your Account page. One of them was the Facebook login form. Tap Secure Account to be walked through safety measures to give your Facebook account more security, like changing your password. An unknown and apparently large number of Facebook accounts appear to have been hacked in 2021 in a specific fashion — specifically, the account's email address is changed (often to a Hotmail address), two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled to the hacker's phone, and users spend weeks or months fruitlessly attempting to recover their personal information. There are several ways you can do this, but first. Usually, accounts are "hacked" because someone somehow gets a hold of your password. In this way, how do I recover my Google account from Facebook? Either ask a friend to help you with this, or just make a new Facebook account and do it from there. Then, Facebook will ask you to enter the latest password you remember of your account. Note: You can only connect your Spotify account to Facebook using the desktop app. Then switch back to Facebook, click in the box labeled "Enter Code" and type the code in. You will now see a new menu, and from there, select Security & Login > Where You're Logged In. Click on the My account is compromised. Follow the directions on the screen. So I don't use Facebook much and have it linked to an old Email account that's not on my primary radar. Next, click Delete Account (or opt to Deactivate Account or Download Info). It is always advisable to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters to create. This is not hard to do, although it can take a little time. In the right window, under Login, click the Edit icon next to Change password. Check to make sure your account really has been hacked. Business Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your business. after that i recovered my call of duty password but when i logged in it just gave me a new level 1 account. On the "Google Account" screen, from the tab list at the top, choose the "Security" tab. First, log into your Facebook account, changing your password if necessary to do so. While Facebook uses the "Forgot My Password" feature as a safety net for people who have forgotten their password, you can use it to set a new password and log into someone's Facebook. There are several ways you can claim your Facebook account. At this point, you can choose a new password, tap on "Continue" again and are then ready to log back in to your Facebook account. The code will be sent via your selected method and a new window will appear to enter the security code. Click on 'Forgotten Password' option and it will ask you to enter the email address or mobile number associated with the account. If you remember your Facebook password vividly but still cannot log in to your Facebook account, your account might have been hacked. Enter a new password for your account. Enter your password when prompted and tap Deactivate account button Twitter users who want to deactivate a suspended or locked account can submit a request by clicking here. Choose Preferences and go to the Passwords tab. This makes it impossible to recover my account using the help guide found on the Facebook website. Enter the code and click on " Change Password ". Tap General at the top of your screen. " On the new password page, tap the "New Password" field and type your newly generated password. 1 hacked facebook account without email,facebook hacked 2022,my facebook . Click on Reveal My Trusted Contacts and enter the full name of one of your trusted contacts. If you can still gain access to your account, you should change your. How to recover Facebook password without email and phone number Method 1: Default account recovery option. Now, you can easily check if your data has been shared. Boyton Tonny Banda : What can I do to get Facebook account number back because I forgot my password and lost. Open Facebook hacked account page. my Facebook account just before 5days disappear. Click Contact in the General tab. Head over to the Forgotten password page on the Facebook website and search for and click on your account. The recovery options given by Facebook when I try to secure/access my account are via email or phone, but both are now the hacker's phone and email. Step 1: Open a browser and head over to the Facebook website. Most of these services are fake. Your picture and your name are used to create a new facebook account (they don't need your password to do this this). And I can't see any option to send verify code to email. Check the email that you use with your Facebook account. Ways to know your Facebook account is hacked. In case you forgot your Facebook password or username or your account has been hacked, you can simply reclaim your account with the default account recovery option. However, there is a method that still guides you on how to recover your Facebook password. Click Search after entering your account's email address, cell phone number, complete name, or username. My Facebook account was hacked and my phone number and. Learn more here: https://hacked. Help users access the login page while offering essential notes during the login process. See also: The best password manager apps for Android Report your profile as compromised. However, you need to find the right app for it. · Type the email, mobile phone number, full name or . Follow the on-screen instructions. And after clicking the Settings button you will go to a new screen. I opened my Facebook account with Gmail and I can access to this Gmail. Remember, if you think there's a chance you'll want to reopen your Facebook account in the future, you might want to deactivate it instead of deleting it. My facebook got hacked, and I try to log in to my facebook account. If you receive a password change email from Facebook, the first thing you need to do is make moves to secure your account. Hack Facebook Password Using Forgot Password Method. When you join Business Manager, coworkers can't view your personal Facebook profile unless you approve their friend requests. When she tries to recovery the hotmail password she has noticed the recovery email address has been changed to some @getnada. Hit the recover password button and type your email address (the one with which you registered your facebook account with). The hacker had turned on 2-way authentication, so there was no way for me to get the code. Click the Edit button next to Change Password. How to reset your Facebook password on Facebook Lite app Tap the icon displaying three stacked horizontal lines in the upper right Scroll down and open "Settings" then select “Security and Login”. Here is the list of latest working free Netflix accounts and passwords to get free access to the best online streaming service. There was a problem with this. How to Fix "Your Account is Temporarily Locked" on Facebook. All you are is a username and a password that they fed into a computer program. Your Facebook Account Was Hacked. ' To reset your Facebook password, . Now, back to friending your kids on Facebook. Click the "Password" field, type your Facebook account password, and then click "Submit" at the bottom of the window. my facebook accounts been hacked,theyve changed my email adress,and password GetHuman7227824's Recover Hacked Account issue with Facebook from March 2022. Depending on what type of information you provided when you set up your account (and the security settings you configured), you may be presented with different options to reset your password. Once you have clicked the button, Facebook will. Fake account: If you don't use your real name, Facebook will eventually find out. First, enter your Microsoft account and follow the instructions below. Click Add another email or mobile number to add a new email to your account. This is a very useful feature since even though you changed your password and recovered your account, the malicious hacker is still logged . " And the options, "Enter password to login" / "I cannot access. Enter your computer's password, and the browser should display the hidden password. Sam Hacker is a free online tool for hacking a Facebook account. Step 3: Sign in to your Spyier dashboard to monitor and crack your target Facebook password. Lancet 2022; 399: 1225-26—In this Correspondence, the first sentence of the third paragraph should read "A war has been going on in northern Ethiopia since the Tigray People Liberation Front attacked the Ethiopian federal army bases in the Tigray region on Nov 4, 2020. But the reality is that hacking a Facebook account isn't as simple as that. If you prefer to reset your account, you’ll need to answer your security question that you picked when. Enter the code as requested and click on Continue. How do I change or reset my Facebook password? Change Your Password. They changed the email address and password on the account and there aren't any options for me to change the password even though Facebook knows the old password. I have tried to contact Facebook but they have no customer service number. If this is your first time visiting and you do not have an account, create an account to get started. I do not remember the password to the hotmail account. And click on the Settings button. Click on Your Facebook Information. If you got locked out of your Facebook account because you forgot the email address or password you used when creating your account, you can recover or reset your account provided you have some information like your email or phone number. It looks like three lines on top of one another. Click on "Report this profile > Recover" under your profile tab from the another Facebook account you are logged in. Alternatively, you can submit the "Security checks preventing login" and the "Confirm your identity with Facebook" form. Login into your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Google accounts is easy and fast as possible. facebook-password-hack - joy-hack-facebook-account-password 1. That will give you further insights into why the account. Choose a method, and then click the "Continue" button. i had already activated 2way verification. One should create a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess for others. Tap on Login (You will be directed to a page asking you to enter the code sent to your email) Click on Resend email. Facebook comes with a built-in two-factor authentication system. · Select the Manage your Google Account option > · Then, find the Security . Copy the code from the message and paste it in the page where you are asked for a security code, then click Continue to open the password change page. If not, open the Facebook app on your mobile device, try. Select Call of Duty Mobile and make sure the friendliest option is enabled. After I entered the new password with success and reset it, I got redirected in the login page with a new message said "the password you have entered is incorrect please try again later" Does the problem occurred because Facebook recently removed the option to someone to have messenger only with a phone number without having a Facebook account ?. Click on Forgot account? Select a method for resetting your password: Google account, backup email address, or phone number. Enter your email address or phone number associated with the account and click Search. You can create a Facebook account from facebook. How to create a strong password for your Facebook account? The formula for a strong password is always changing. Now let’s change your password! On the left menu, choose General instead of “Security” and you’ll get to your General Facebook Account Settings, as shown here: There are more options, but you want to click on “Edit” adjacent to the Password entry. Go to Settings & privacy > Settings. And yes, you are nobody to these people. Now let's see the step by step screenshot of hacking Facebook account id and password of your friend. Hacked Facebook Account: Immediate Recovery Steps. Easiest Fix: Recover Facebook Password without Email and. Facebook actually provides two options: Deactivate and delete. Whether you suspect that someone has gained unauthorized access to your Facebook account or you simply forgot your Facebook password so you can't sign in, you can reset your password easily at the Facebook website or with the iOS or Android Facebook app. Here's the surprising way hackers gain access to your. If you use Facebook in a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer: 1 - Log in to your Facebook account and visit your About page. If this works you'll at least regain access to your Facebook account, but you won't be able to access restricted pages until your reactivate 2FA. Click on the mobile number option. Audit the Apps that Have Permission to Access Your Facebook Account. Type your current password or an old one, and then click Continue. If you have failed to login multiple times then you should seeing the following screen and from there you can click on " Forgot Password" as well. If your account details have been changed, you should make the necessary edits and change the password to secure your account. Enter your current password, and enter the new password. According to the official "I can't remember the answer to my security question" Facebook help page: If you're trying to get back into your account and you . If you get this message, someone has compromised your Facebook account. But when I recover the password, they send the verify code (6 digits) to the phone number that I no longer use. Click Settings from the drop-down menu. Facebook Password Finder free download - Password Finder, Facebook Password Recovery Master, SterJo Instagram Password Finder, and many more programs. Enter your password, click Continue, and confirm the deletion. As you can see, I was lazy and hadn’t updated my password in over a year. From there, both you and your Trusted Contact will receive instructions on how to recover your Facebook account. To find out more about that, as well as learn how to remove specific content from your Facebook profile, check out our in-depth guide below. Signing up or connecting with Facebook means you can log in with your Facebook account. Use a password manager if you can, so you can use a secure password without needing to remember it. Email, phone and password have been changed and so I have no way to recover or even secure my account. The hacker's email address was still on my account. Now, a new page will open that offers you the option of password recovery. Someone changed my password and email on my facebook account. Click on the link that says Forgotten account beneath the login boxes on the site. Tip Often, when an account is hacked, you can still reset the password using the suggestions above. Two-factor authentication will protect your Facebook account along with your password. Enter a new password and then enter your old password to confirm the change. If you're still having trouble, you can try these tips. The Facebook account review system lets you see who a person has in one's contacts list as well as details on photos and messages that are sent. This group is for those who support my business, need spiritual guidance, Crystal classes, Reiki Healing, Reiki Certification, Intuitive Readings, Life/Wellness Coaching, Learn 2 Meditate, Chakra. Click Remove to delete an email from your account instead. How can I recover the account using email?. Enter your phone number, then click “Find Your Account” to allow Facebook to identify your account. First, log in to your Facebook account. Wait for the app to log in to your account. If you need to access your profile through a public computer, rather than using your password, obtain a one-time password from Facebook. Someone is repeatedly trying to log into your Facebook account; A bot (a software that works automatically) is trying to guess your password. I've changed my password as well. The hacker changed my password, e-mail and also put a 'two factor authentication' in place. Enter your current password and new password. To check this, first, you open your Facebook account. i lost my account all o sudden with no reason. Change Password on Facebook Account guide 2020. So my Facebook account was hacked this morning and they were able to change the email, password, and phone number as soon as they got access to my account. Select Permanently delete account and Continue to account deletion. Using Spyier to crack Facebook password. On the Password Manager, tap on “Facebook”. Changing a Facebook password is very easy and can be done as fast as possible. If you’ve enabled Touch ID, use your thumb to unlock it. Someone guesses your account password and proceeds to lock you out of your account. Facebook accounts often hold a large volume of personal data, especially if you access other sites using your Facebook profile. Do remember the new password and do not. That's bad for Facebook in particular, because people often use Facebook to log into other things — so. Navigate to the visibility of the app. My Facebook account email and password was changed. Select Something Else and click Next. It looks like it was hacked 6 days ago and I'm not sure how to get it back. Search by your email or name instead. Whenever someone accesses your account on a browser or mobile device that Facebook does not recognize, you’ll need to enter a special login code. When I log it to my facebook account, it asks me to enter my security code. IF this doesn't work go on to solution #2. Navigate to active apps and websites. Choose Keep me logged in or Log me out of other devices and tap Continue. Click in the top right of Facebook. Enter a phone number, email address, name, or username. When you've found yours, select 'This is My Account. Enter the security code and click Continue to set a new password for your Facebook account. Click in the top right corner of any Facebook page and select "Settings". To start with Login into your Facebook Account. So, your Instagram's been hacked, your password is different, and your email has been altered. Whatever the circumstances behind your Facebook account being hacked, it's an immensely personal violation. See posts, photos and more on Facebook. Delete Facebook Account Without Email and Password using Facebook Help Centre. Update your Facebook password first, then do yourself a favor and get Dashlane. When I log into my personal Facebook account with my one email, it lists TWO personal accounts in the drop down arrow menu when in the Ad Manager. Changed my password, email address and phone numbe GetHuman-paulbili's Recover Hacked Account issue with Facebook from April 2022. Strength in numbers! Companies respond better when others are watching. Don't Miss: Top 5 Facebook Password Crackers. See more details and alternative free offer. I forget my Facebook password and I want to recover it. If you followed the process above to see if anyone has logged into. Now the next process varies based on the available recovery options. If you've enabled Touch ID, use your thumb to unlock it. Changed email and password ***** I cannot get to account to fix it. Something went wrong Refresh the page to try again. This software lets you hack a Facebook account using the id's username details. Here is the screenshot of demo login page when your friend click on the link you sent to him/her. com) we cannot access this getnada inbox to get the code. Click the "This Is My Account" button. Here, enter your email address or mobile number which is connected to your account and hit Search. Deleting your Facebook account used to be a long and tedious process, but not anymore. Enter the code and click on “ Change Password “. Hacking into Facebook Account Using the Manual Method. An unknown and apparently large number of Facebook accounts appear to have been hacked in 2021 in a specific fashion — specifically, the account’s email address is changed (often to a Hotmail address), two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled to the hacker’s phone, and users spend weeks or months fruitlessly attempting to recover their personal information. How to Change Gmail Password on Android Gmail App. No matter the social network and the account, you will surely find the computer tool that will help you find any connection identifier. WHO's surveillance system for attacks on health care is failing Ethiopia. Select Recent Logins if you see it for automatic login. Visit Report Compromised Account page >> Select "My Account Is Compromised" option >> Enter your email ID or phone number linked to your account. Alternatively, you can submit the “Security checks preventing login” and the “Confirm your identity with Facebook” form. If you can't log in, even though you know you're using the correct password, then the hacker has probably changed your password. There's no need to risk your account username and password by clicking an unfamiliar hyperlink in an email for any reason. The browser should open a window with saved login names and a list of saved passwords. Then enter your account information, such as username or email address, as soon as your Facebook profile appears, click on it and recovery options will appear. Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to recover your account information. Deactivating your Facebook account will not automatically deactivate your Messenger account as the app is separate from Facebook. This video also answers some of the queries below:Facebook password recoveryhow to reset Facebook passwordhow to change your password on facebookfacebook acc. No download needed, works instantly, unlike other programs, this is to keep you secure and free from viruses. My Account portal for work or school accounts The My Account portal helps you to manage your work or school account by setting up and managing your security info, managing your connected organizations and devices, viewing how your organization uses your data. Press "Edit" next to "Change Password". Some one hacked my Facebook account. Type the email, mobile phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then tap Search. After you've logged in, you can change the email address on your account. Solved, Facebook Verify Account is Sending Code to My Old Phone Number. If you don't see Facebook in the list of accounts, add it. If I have more than one Facebook account, can I merge them? How can I make sure I don't lose access to my Facebook account?. Next, go to your settings menu. Select "Confirm via Email," then click continue. Reset Facebook Password using the Facebook App. There is no way for me to access my account or to use the tools that Facebook has in place to recover my account. My facebook account got hacked and the hacker had changed. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. To change your password using the Oculus PC app:. Reset Password Using Your Phone Number. When you receive the code, type it in and click Continue. When you see your profile picture, click This is My Account and follow the steps to reset your password and log back in. How to keep hackers out of your Facebook account. Launch Facebook in your PC's web browser. My facebook account has been hacked. Follow step 1-3 from the above method and on the password retrieval options choose "Email me a link to reset my password" and click on continue. Spotify's programmers could have written a log-in form themselves and then sent my username and password to Facebook with a back-end API, . First: share to improve GetHuman-paulbili's odds. Therefore, the less famous you are, the more useful-and therefore valuable-your Facebook account probably is. Check your inbox for any emails from Facebook. If you ever get locked out of our account, Facebook will send recovery codes to all these trusted friends. After you’ve tapped on “Passwords”, you need to enter your passcode or use Touch ID to view them. 3 - Click on the little lock icon in the Email field and select Only Me. Facebook will then gather all your data and send the copy to your registered email address. Click on "Forgot Password" located under the login field. Both use the same profile picture and both list my three business pages. If you are looking for a way to change your password on Facebook, this is the most authentic and easiest guide for android and iOS platforms. When you see URL's on your friends profile pages, you ought to be careful about clicking on them. Have Facebook Send a Code by Email. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Think you have a Facebook virus or your account has been hacked? Here are four things you should try: reclaim your account, change your password, remove suspicious apps, and perform a virus scan. Select your preferred method of account discovery. If you located the correct facebook record, the password that you need will be found under the 'Password' column, as you can see the in the following sample screenshot: Recover Facebook Password If you can't find any record with facebook link, your facebook password is probably not stored by your Web browser. e if you like you modify your Facebook account settings. facebook and hotmail account have been hacked. This is actually one of the FB features. Welcome to the Pass Revelator website. Tap Security tab and tap Password. How to Recover Your Facebook Account When You Can't Log In. Select Confirm via Email or Confirm via Text, depending on your settings, and then tap Continue. Enter the email ID and mobile number associated with the account. Find the victim's email address and write an email that is titled something along the lines of "Your Facebook account has been hacked," or "Your Facebook account needs URGENT assistance. ” If it lets you, reset your email address. Depending on your chosen account reset option, this process will vary: Email - Open your email inbox, look for an email from Facebook, and note the six-digit code in the subject line. Enter your Facebook account information (like your email and password), then tap Sync Now when prompted. Alternatively, you can also click on the forgot password on the login page, if you remember your email or username. com” and use Touch ID to view your Facebook login details (username and password). Navigate to the “Security” tab. I forgot my facebook account password, I want to set a new password. All the data linked to Facebook, such as passwords of users, is stored in the Rainbow Table. Over 500 million Facebook accounts have been compromised. The person changed my password, phone" "The problem is the hacker changed my email and phone number so Facebook doesn't recognize the information I'm putting into the system" "I'd […]. How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently. A lesser-known but incredibly helpful tool to access your account in the event you forget your password is "Trusted Contacts. How to See Your Facebook Password if you forgot it. Then you can reset your password. This software lets you hack a Facebook account using the id’s username details. The hacker switched my email and password. Turn on two-factor authentication. Select “Manage your Google Account”. When it sends the security code for me, I enter it, and it says "You have attempted too many code entries recently. I have an issue with Facebook too. Take back your account if someone else knows your password.